Dadu Chamber of Commerce and Industy

About us

Short Brief

Since its establishment, the Dadu Chambers of Commerce and Industries has advocated and voiced the collective opinion, concern, and aspiration of the private sector and offered helpful advice and solid assistance to the Government in its efforts to promote exports, encourage foreign investment and stimulate economic activity in the district.

The Dadu Chambers of Commerce and Industries has its fingers on the pulse of the economy and serves as a bridge between the private sector and the Government. The Dadu Chambers of Commerce and Industries is playing an active role in presenting problems of trade, industry, and environment and safeguarding the interests of the private sector through constant dialogue with the Government

Our approach

We bring passion and enthusiasm to our work and are excited to provide stakeholders with the best and commit to go the extra mile in providing policy frameworks and propose solutions to tackle issues confronting the industry.

 Our Professionalism and Competence is to be recognized by reliability, credibility and character of our research work. Our differentiating values of integrity and identity stand for honesty, truth and transparency.